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With a deep understanding of the industry’s unique challenges and opportunities, our team of experts harnesses the power of digital marketing to connect you with potential clients.

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Vlad Mkrtumyan

Vlad Mkrtumyan


Vlad Mkrtumyan is a serial entrepreneur and search engine marketing advocate known for organizing several meetups, including the largest marketing meetup in Seattle. His entrepreneurial journey started in his teens with the successful Shoplletes app, followed by Skyreal, a real estate recruitment CRM serving 13 brokerages across three states.

His latest and most ambitious venture, Logic Inbound, has become a rapidly growing SEO agency in Seattle with a team of 25 experts. Vlad’s achievements have garnered media attention from TechCrunch, Blind Entrepreneur Podcast, Business Marketing Engine Podcast, Shopify, Geekwire, and even radio shows like 1590 AM Lifestyle Business Owner.

Hayk Saakian


Hayk Saakian, an early bloomer in app development and business, showcased his talents by creating Pacific Middle School’s website in 6th grade and later crafting a series of Android apps in high school, amassing over 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. He ventured into entrepreneurship after studying computer science at UC Berkeley, dropping out to establish Skyreal, a real estate recruitment SaaS.

Hayk’s wealth of experience as a developer and entrepreneur now fuels his role at Logic Inbound & Restoration Inbound, where he leads his team in executing high-performing marketing campaigns for billion-dollar businesses. His accomplishments have been recognized on platforms such as the WordPress Podcast, Search Talk Live on iHeartRadio, and the Blind Entrepreneur Podcast, among others.

Hayk Saakian
Evan Fishkin

Evan Fishkin

VP of Operations

Evan Fishkin is a prominent enterprise-level digital marketer, deeply immersed in marketing theory, and a recognized figure in the world of search marketing. His expertise extends to game mechanics, making him an avid gamer as well. Evan is a sought-after international speaker, sharing insights on these subjects and even delving into the intricacies of SEO. He has delivered keynote speeches at prestigious events like the Miva Conference and presented at global conferences including iStrategy, SMX, PubCon, Wappow!, ICMA, and the International Marketing Conference.

Evan’s contributions also include co-authoring two industry studies and serving as the Program Manager responsible for SEO at Microsoft’s MSN, overseeing a successful global domain transition and multiple language initiatives.

Page Optimizer Pro Accredited Agency

Page Optimizer Pro Accredited Agency

We are on page SEO experts. Recognized by the best tool providers in the business for expertise with scientific search engine optimization.

Google Ads Certified Partner

Certified Google Partner

Restoration Inbound is an official member of the Google Partner program. To earn this recognition, we demonstrated Google Ads skill and expertise by passing assessments and earning certifications.


What Our Clients Say

“Hayk and Vlad have been a complete joy to work with. You can tell they have a true passion for what they do. This is not just a pay check for them. They are genuinely in love with what they do and their energy shows that. We feel confident working with them because of that passion and thirst for knowledge. Highly recommend these guys!”

Jesse Gaytan, Owner

Alpha Restoration

“Before partnering with Logic Inbound, growing the business was frustrating. We struggled with ineffective marketing campaigns that seemed to be ripping me off. But then I found Vlad, and everything changed. Their expertise in reaching quality customers changed the game for me. Now, we’re experiencing real growth, while we’ve been with them we went from 6 to 7 figures! Thank you guys!”

Peter Kakoczky, Sales Manager

Mold Solutions NW

“It used to be a constant to get leads when we were just starting out. Now with Logic Inbound we’ve solidified our company and are constantly growing as we have generated 3 to 5 qualified leads weekly for the last year. These guys are truly committed to our industry give them a try!”

Daniel Clay, Owner

Pure Air Charlotte

“I knew that we needed more of an online presence, but how do you do that? We were working with someone – it wasn’t his “forte”. What I really appreciate about these guys is their thoughtfulness and expertise – knowing the why not just the how to.”

Jessica Walley, Vice President of Operations

Remove the Mold

“Their knowledge is masterful. They showcase an experience that makes us feel so safe to put our company in their hands. Since we have implemented Restoration Inbound into our marketing strategy we have seen a SIGNIFICANT increase in not only calls but in overall ROI. The revenue in 2023 has almost surpassed the revenue in ALL of 2022.”


Pure Maintenance Santa Barbara

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